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Adsy logo


web design, front-end development

At the end of last year I had the privilege to work with an awesome startup, adsy.me. I love what they’re doing and I truly believe in their product, as I think this is the future of the mobile web. The concept behind adsy is to offer the most intuitive “mobile design platform” aimed at creating mobile content, and the awesome part - it’s all built in HTML5. The main theme of the website was built around magic - the cool, not the cheesy kind :)


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adsylayout1 adsylayout2


Following the main concept of ‘magic’, I built a set of 5 interactive cards that once flipped, showed you the main features of the app. This was the most difficult part in building the website. Initially, I had hoped to solve the problem by using mostly CSS with a sprinkle of JavaScript. However, because of the responsive nature of the layout, the ‘sprinkle’ quickly turned into the main course.

Watch the cards in action in this short showcase:

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Survival logo


web design, front-end development, print

Over the past 3 years I’ve had the pleasure of working within an amazing organisation - Survival International. They are the sole voice that fights for tribal peoples around the world.
Their website redesign and development has been my most ambitious project so far. Dozens of page templates, high-volume and high-quality content, translated in 7 languages. Oh, and it’s all responsive.


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We needed a framework that was stable, supported, and under active development. Enter Twitter Bootstrap. However, we had to make lots of adjustments to make it work just like we wanted it.

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New content

Frameworks and designs might be fun, but sometimes all you need is just good ol’ content. Here’s a few things I worked on: an online shop, 5 micro-sites, the film section, Survival’s blog, the gallery section, the Uncontacted Tribes website, newsletters, emails, and tons of other pages for petitions, campaigns and tribes. Did I say ‘a few things’? Sorry, I meant a lot.

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Awa campaign

Web design, concept, front-end development

This was Survival's most succesful campaign. We created a multimedia webpage in seven languages which invited supporters to send an email to the Brazilian Minister of Justice urging him to take action to remove invaders from Awá land. When the campaign launched on the 25th of April, a flood of media attention propelled the Awá center stage. All of Brazil's main media outlets covered the story, and over six hundred articles were published worldwide. Just three days later, ten thousand emails had been sent, which was a record for this type of campaign.


In our efforts to get people involved with the campaign I’ve designed a logo, then we asked our followers to use it to spread the word. Thousands of people from around the world and almost sixty celebrities have shown their support.

awa colage


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Awa page-preview
awa layout


Pet the owl:

  • Parakeet

    Parakeets are beautiful but have ear-splitting cries. The Awá share fruit from the forest with them.

  • Capuchin

    Capuchin monkeys are one of the most mischievous pets, and are always playing tricks on their owners.

  • Agouti

    Agoutis are the only animals that can open the hard outer shell of the Brazil nut fruit. But their incredible bite doesn’t stop Awá women from breastfeeding them.

  • Owl

    These night-time creatures watch over the Awá as they tread through the forest, their path lit by the light of burning tree resin.

  • Peccary

    Peccaries are cuddly as babies, but grow up to be huge and powerful adults — with sharp tusks.

  • Coati

    Coatis are relatives of the raccoon. They are expert climbers and love to share a hammock with humans.

  • Tamarin

    Tamarins love playing with Awá children. Little Butterfly, an Awá girl, has a pet tamarin, and they often tease each other.

We wanted to bring the pets section to life, so I created an interactive presentation with some of them. Thanks to HTML5 video, CSS3 transitions and some smart use of spacing, our users loved it.

Interactive maps

Who doesn't love maps?* Especialy when they are interactive! I had to effectively display the consequences of illegal deforestation in Awá territory. I created these full color, textured images using map data from 1985 and 2010. After 2 days of hard work, they were complete.
*sarcasm ;)

spirit tree


Although I'm not a fan of parallax effects, we thought that in our case, for a special section on the page, they could actually bring the story to life. Therefore I created an atmospheric background similar with the one in which the action takes place. Move your mouse cursor over the sky:


Loops of vines allow the Awá to climb the forest's tallest trees in search of honey.


After a successful hunt, the Awá quickly make rucksacks from woven palm leaves.

Irapara, iwya

2 metre (6 foot) long arrows fly high into the forest canopy, guided by fletchings crafted from harpy eagle feathers.


These strong and beautiful hammocks are made from the fibres of palm trees.


The nomadic Awá who still live uncontacted in the forest don't build houses, but construct shelters from branches and palm leaves.



I’ve drawn this illustration for the educational section of the page, describing the possessions of a nomadic Awá hunter. Hovering over the circles displays relevant information about the nearby object.

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handytime logo

Mobile and design, interface, branding

In spring, I participated to the AngelHack hackathon in London. Alongside my team, I’ve created HandyTime, a web service for handymen management and tracking. The app gives the answer to the question: "When are you going to arrive?".
This is solved by giving customers access to a web interface where they can track the progress of their plumber/electrician, and get up-to-the-minute estimates of when they arrive.

Customer experience

I wanted to create a simple, clean and straightforward experience for the user, giving him only the information that he's interested in.

When the customer orders a visit from a handyman, he receives an email that contains all the information needed and a reference number. With this, he can track the handyman’s progress on that day and get an estimate of when he will arrive. The customer automatically receives an SMS one hour before the expected arrival time.

Business experience

The same clean style is reflected in the corporate dashboard. Who says data management needs to be complicated?

Businesses have a very well organised management system at their disposal. They can track their employees, manage them and their customers, and analyse statistics. They also have the necessary tools to plan routes, and adjust them in real time if they so desire.

Location information is being sent from the mobile app in real time.

The map shows where the van is right now.

The first customer on the waiting list has his section expanded with all the details, making it easier for the driver to scan the information.

Every time the driver finishes a job, he can swipe the customer to the right to delete him from the list.

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There you go

An illustrated book turned digital.

The animation is based on a beautifully illustrated book by Oren Ginzburg and is narrated by the famous actor David Mitchell. The biggest challenge here was to find creative ways in which to animate it while keeping the original story and style intact. It was the perfect opportunity to put my latent animation skills to the test.

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Hello, I'm Cosmina, a freelance senior designer and front-end developer based in London.

If you're interested in my work and want to see more, or just have a question/comment, I would love to hear from you at hello@cosmina.co.uk

I'm currently unavailable for new projects.


Here is what I love to do. Hover the icon to display the skill:

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Art Direction

  • UX/UI Design

  • Interactive Experiences

  • Mobile Design

  • Front-end Development

Technical skills

This is my arsenal. Catch a bubble if you can... I know, I know their speed is unbelivable.

Advice for busy people: Clickthis ↤ to display a boring list with my tools.


The backbone of the World Wide Web. By the way HTML5 rocks! It truly does!

Adobe After Effects

This is my primary tool for video and animation editing.

Adobe Illustrator

My perfect tool to create vector illustrations and pixel perfect icons.

Adobe Indesign

Ideal for creating flyers, brochures, magazines... anyway now we have the web :)

Adobe Photoshop

Ah, I use this a lot.. I mean A LOT! From icons to digital painting and beyond.

Java Script / jQuery

I'm currently learning it. I find it awesome, but also quite difficult :)


What a sweet language! It is to blame for everything looking so good on my webpage.

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe AfterEffects

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My approach

I'm very passionate about design and lately about JavaScript. I've started my career in digital design as a Bachelor of Arts, 7 years ago. Along the way, I've gained industry experience and an MA in Film and Animation. In 2010 I realised that I can bring pixels to life by making them interactive, and I've been focusing on web design ever since.

My goal is to create interactive story-driven experiences on mobile and the web. This is an effective way of grabbing your user's interest, for 2 reasons: I. Triggering an action-reaction type of behavior for your visitors will create a truly memorable experience. II. Structuring information in a highly-visual narrative will make it much more accessible and captivating.

If you're curious about how my approach could benefit your business, I would love to hear from you.

That's all folks!